Which Of These Repairs is Most Urgent?

It is always possible that the OP can go back to the seller and offer $17500 based upon this inspection, and then find a mechanic who can convince him each one is truly needed.


Did you look at the oil pan? If it is rusted it would be because it got hit badly enough to scratch the paint off. Clean it off with a wire wheel brush and put some good paint back on it. They said it is actually leaking? You’ll have to look at it yourself or get someone who is honest to look under there to see what is going on. Sometimes sellers will make up crazy stuff like this as sort of a test to see how gullible a buyer is.

$222 to flush brake fluid? That can be done in less than half an hour with two people working on it.

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I took my car to the Gm dealer for a recall and received the bad report by the kid that I had major oil leaks, front and rear seals. Took it to an independent and the leaks had vanished. It’s been 3 to 4 years now and never have to add oil.

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$20K is an outrageous price, to me, but we’re living in outrageous times.
I wonder what else is rusted besides the oil pan.
$222 extra to bleed/flush the brakes when it’s already getting a brake job seems steep to me.

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The dealer may offer to change the fluids but I doubt allow a $2500 discount.

Two people working for 30 minutes equals 1 hour of labor, we charge $230 per hour.

When I was at the Acura dealer for trans fluid, etc. changes, they suggested replacing the brake fluid. I agreed and the extra cost was somewhere around $100 and an extra 45 minutes. At an Acura dealer not known for bargain basement prices. I know nothing about Kia dealers but the rates still seem high.

17 CX5 for $20 K seems pretty reasonable. Good car choice too. Price is reasonable in Covid times at least.

The list of work needed sort of looks like it is padded a bit. i.e. suggesting more work than is needed. Prices seem somewhat high, but might be correct depending on what exactly needs to be done. Is this a private-person sale, or dealership? Who did the inspection? Your own inde mechanic?

Keep looking.

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The cheapest 2017 CX-5 within 50 miles of me on cars.com is $20,500, so this price is fine.
The work listed is almost all normal maintenance, much of which I’d have done unless I knew it was already done. The costs may be ok, but the OP can determine that once they own it. As for which is most urgent, the brakes, followed by drive belt and tensioner, assuming they’re needed.

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Too many generic “services” with no details of what intends to be done or if anything is wrong make me question the whole list. Get a second opinion if possible or move on

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Dealer just wants to make a bit more. That’s life

You buy the parts and bring it to my house and I will fix for 500.00 buck.

what can I get for 4 bucks?


If it was me, what would “vanish” would be my vehicle, from the dealer!

Stay away from (most) dealers…