Need AC service for 2016 Mazda CX-5

Can you help me find a Mazda repair facility that uses genuine parts for my "fuel and air conditioner recommended service? Thank you.

Have no idea where you are . Mazda does not make parts so just quality parts are all you need . What is this air conditioner service anyway. Also do you not live near a Mazda dealer ?

Just guessing here but I suspect AC service means cabin air filter.

Is there a problem? Or is this a periodic service?

It’s for recommended service for the fuel system and one other recommended 30K mile service. Thank you for responding.

Thanks for responding. It’s the 30K recommended service for the fuel system and one other recommended service. Have dealt with the cabin air filter on other cars and wonder how often it’s really necessary.

Thank you for responding. Being on such a tight budget, I need to find the best yet most favorably priced service shop. I live near Tucson, AZ. My Mazda dealer seems to think their parts are a cut above.

The information about what the AC service means is probably in your owner’s manual. I also expect it is the cabin air filter, and you can change that yourself if after inspection you think it needs to be changed.

What, exactly, does your owners manual say is required for the 30,000 mile service?

Not certain and am not near the car. Will check and reply soon. Thanks.

Thanks much. I’ll look it up in the manual.

If you are on a tight budget skip the “recommended services”, just follow your vehicles maintenance schedule.

The fuel system is maintenance free and the cabin air filter is the only maintenance needed for the A/C system and that should have been replaced during the 30,000 mile service.

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Living in the desert, the cabin air filter isn’t as drastic as some other places- because you aren’t likely to start growing mold in there.
but, if you live or park near a mesquite or Palo verde tree- it may be necessary due to leaves, dust, pollen, and other such gunk clogging your cabin air filter.
This is not something the dealer has to do.

If you want a good, reputable shop in the Tucson area, message me. I can give you a couple that I have dealt with in the past.

It couldn’t be easier:

If you drive in a dust-free environment, you can test your filter by putting the blower on high, feeling the air flow out a register, then removing the filter, closing the cover door, and feeling the air flow again. No noticeable difference?..reinstall it and wait another 10K miles.

If the car is under warranty yet, any real work needs to be done by a dealer. But I change my cabin filter and engine air filter every 20,000 myself, and I use OEM parts ordered on line.

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Thank you very much. I always thought that when the car is under warranty you could have someone else do the work as long as you kept detailed receipts. I appreciate your response–thanks again.

Thanks so much for your prompt response–I’ll try that.

Thanks much. Would be happy to hear about good shops in Tuc. Appreciate your response.

Thanks you so much–I appreciate your response and will follow your suggestion.

I have found that dealers “recommended service” is just a way for them to make more money.

I strongly recommend, as have others above, reading carefully the users manual and only performing the service items listed there.

I doubt there is anything listed there for fuel and AC service. And the cabin filter can be neglected for a while with no problem, unless, as others have said, you are in a dusty environment. Or change it yourself, usually easy, it’s behind the glove box usually.