Strut repairs

I have a 2013 Mazda 5 with 95k miles on it. We’re going to be road tripping through the middle-of-nowhere desert southwest in a couple weeks, so I took the car in for a general inspection. The mechanic said the left strut was torn and should be replaced, and quoted $800 for the work. I’m not noticing any unusual handling or tire wear so far. I gave the car a “bounce test” and that corner of the car does give a residual couple of bounces. The other sides don’t.

They also said both axles are leaking and quoted another $700 for that repair.

Worth repairing before we leave? Worth worrying about? Seems like a lot of money to shell out. Thanks!

Never get expensive work done without a second opinion unless you have a long-established trust with the mechanic and he can show you he problem.

I smell an overdue boat payment in this one.

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I was okay with the strut story until you got to the axle story. Too much for a 2013. I agree with a second opinion.

There is nothing to tear on the strut except for the rubber bellows that covers it so I wouldn’t worry about that at all. If the rubber boots on the axles are torn though and leaking, it will be only a matter of time before the joints the boots are covering get dirt in them and wear out. They will usually make a clicking noise on a turn when they are worn but yeah have someone else check the boots for rips.

Incidentally, the rear struts on my Acura were replaced a week ago at the dealer. The shop ticket listed the repair at $700, but covered under warranty. I need to replace the front ones on my Pontiac and the highest priced ones are $125 each. And those are with the springs and upper mounts already assembled so its a reasonably easy job. I decided I’ll do it myself for the $250 plus alignment. So yeah the prices seem a little high.

you dont see many newer cars with warranties that require strut replacement. usually they fail after the warranty is expired. though it does happen.

Am I the only one that caught that . . . ?

If I interpret it accurately, the strut is worn out and in need of replacment. It would also be advisable to replace the right side, as well. I assume we’re talking front struts here?

As for the axles leaking, I’m assuming axle shaft boots. Were it my own car, I would throw boots at it. Then again, I would install aftermarket parts and don’t pay for my own labor. Here’s what I would NOT do . . . I would not pay a shop money to replace a quiet factory axleshaft with leaking boots with a brand new chinese axleshaft, or a remanned axleshaft of unknown quality.

If the strut(s) really did fail the bounce test, they’re worn, as I stated above and should be replaced. For them to wear out at 95K is not unheard of.

If $700 for the axles is the dealer’s quote to replace both axleshafts, that sounds reasonable. Higher quality parts plus higher labor rate.

Or take your chance with lower labor rate and lower quality parts.

I do not smell a boat payment