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Thinking of buying a 2007 Mazda CX-7, has 90,000 miles . Dealer ship is asking $10,000 . Now I am not a car person, just so you know. Lets say the vehicle is in good shape would the asking price be out of line? Also are Mazdas in general expensive on repair work ???

I don’t know much about market prices in the US but as far as maintenance costs, my Miata is costing me less than my previous Toyota.

Depends on your location, and which edition you’re talking about. If it’s a Grand Touring edition with all wheel drive, it may be worth pretty close to that, or even more if it’s in fantastic condition.

The early years of the Cx-7 had AC compressor and timing chain problems. I seem to recall that a blue gas cap(different design than the early production run) solved another problem it had.