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2015 Mazda CX-5 - Post Pre-sale inspection


I am selling a 2015 Mazada CX5, and a interested buyer asked me to drop it by a dealership for them to inspect. I did so, but the dealership is requesting all the following to be done. What is legit and what is not?
Engine air filter dirty-$32.95
A/C cabin filter dirty-$39.95
Brake fluid flush-$119.95
Transmission fluid flush-$199.95
Complete 4 step fuel system service-$239.95
Outer drive belts-$204.05
Drive belt tensioner is leaking-$340.08
Customer has aftermarket horns installed. One of them is not working-$119.07
Rear differential fluid service-$109.95
4 wheel alignment-$119.95

Thank you,
Concerned Seller

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Replace the filters and you are out of warranty so any shop can replace the tensioner . I would not do any of the other and if the person makes an offer you can live with fine.

The other step is if you are in the US Carmax will make on offer that is good for 7 days . That is the simplest way .

And you don’t have to do ANY of it if you choose not to. This is information to the buyer, not a list of things YOU need to fix. It is a bargaining point for the potential buyer to beat down the price you are asking for the car.

I wouldn’t do ANYthing in this list except a brake fluid flush, maybe the rear diff fluid, and the air filters if it were my own car.


After so many posts about buying a used car with advice from our members saying “Get it inspected” it is refreshing to see a post that is the follow up to one of those pre-sale inspection.

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Well would you look at that! A dealer recommending a transmission flush!

Who would have thunk?


i have my doubts about the tensioner leaking. It is a sprung arm with a pulley on the end. What is leaking? Usually these pulleys make a lot of noise because the bearing is failing. Do you hear chirping or squealing under the hood when the engine is running? Also, all the preparations to remove the tensioner are done when the outer belt is removed. It looks like they are charging twice for the prep work.

I’d tell the buyer I’m not paying for or discounting the sale price of my car for any of those maintenance services. Car is being sold as-is. Only one thing on their list is a recommended repair- the belt tensioner. Some are hydraulic and can leak. No way I would pay $340 for that repair either. Call around and get second or third estimate for that repair and negotiate with buyer on that one only. My 2c

From that dealers list of what the car “needs” and the prices for them, I would not consider that dealer a reliable source. I had a Toyota dealer tell me my cabin filter and air filter were filthy when I had changed both the day before.Do you really think the 4 year old Mazda really needed differential and fuel system service. I am also Mazda is not recommending a transmission flush at 4 years either.

A friend who sold used cars said there is an ass for every seat, I would tell this guy take it or leave, fluff repairs imhop, then listen for counter offer.

The honest truth is that none of us can tell you with certainty if any of this is legit. First, we don’t know the mileage of your car, or the last time services like brake fluid / transmission fluid were done, so we can’t even tell you if it’s due for those things.