Which fuze for 2006 Honda CRV Cabin light?

Which fuze do I need to look at for the cabin light? It doesn’t turn on at all, and I can’t see from the pannel which one it is, and don’t really want to pull each fuze to see.

You MUST look in the owner’s manual.
Or pull out each fuse one at a time and LOOK.

In the fuse/relay box located on the left side of the engine compartment, fuse #3 is for the cabin light.



Will give that a shot.

My owners manual says that is - Daytime running lights *

  • Canadian models only.

I had checked this first before askng here. Couldn’t see a circuit name that looked appropriate.

No dice.

This 10A fuse was intact. Replaced anyway.

You did check the light itself?

It should be a 15 amp fuse.