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Finding a fuse box diagram

So I have a 2005 Ford Mustang and have just replaced the battery in it. It’s running great but there’s something that’s wrong. The map lights wont turn off. I’ve tried taking down the map light home and tried to just take the fuse out because I really dont need them. the problem is I dont know what fuse it is. Where can I find what fuse it is. The owners manual didn’t list it.

Pull the fuses one at a time until the light goes off. This will probably also disable some other, wanted, circuit…

surf the web and you’ll find answers to almost everything…

The owner’s manual tells you which fuse is which.

Map light in the visor? under a header of some type, well drop it down and inspect the wiring as far as you can, wire probably shorted to ground. Happened a lot with GM lighted mirrors in sun visors

It’s in the owner’s manual, probably listed as ‘courtesy lights’ or ‘interior lights’. Of course every light that opens with the door will go out as well as maybe the clock and the radio.