Fuse box for 1998 Olds (Under)Achieva 3.1 V6

Cigarette lighter doesn’t work and no owner’s manual. Is this a fuse problem? If so, where is the box located?


Many fuse boxes have a listing of fuses and uses attached, if not Step 1 is to check the voltage. If you have a voltmeter the center pin in the lighter is positive 12v ±, black would go to any ground to see if you have voltage. If you do not have a voltmeter see if you get power to a cell phone charger or anything else you can beg borrow or… borrow. If any of them work your cigarette lighter is bad, if no, probably a fuse. let us know.

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Check for the fuses at either end of the dash, under the dash (attached to the bottom of it), below the dash attached to the firewall.

Under the hood you should find a fuse/relay box near the battery.

Like waterboy mentioned, the fuse id is under the fuse box cover.

Thanks for the hints…I tried GPS etc but showed no power going in. I checked the fuse box under hood but no list of which fuse works for lighter plug. (Additional plug in center console also doesn’t work, maybe they are on same circuit.) Looked under dash on driver’s side, didn’t see anyt fuses. Will check passenger side tomorrow and check up by firewall.