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Disabling the car's powerlock

Can I disable the power lock on my Saturn SL1? Its locking and unlocking the front doors all by itself, draining the battery no doubt.

Can I pull a fuse? If so, how find the right one?

I would be very surprised if the Owner’s Manual did not provide a graphic showing the location and the identity of all of the car’s fuses. Many cars nowadays have two separate fuse blocks, with one underneath the dashboard and one underneath the hood being typical.

Doesn’t your Owner’s Manual have this information?

Even if it’s not in the manual, you’ve lost the manual, or one was never provided, I can’t remember a car manufactured in the last decade or so that doesn’t have a little indented picture or sticker inside the cover of each of those places with a diagram and list of functions.

Yes, I have located the two sites for fuses and relays. I will see what I can do. But what is the difference between the “door lock relay” and the power locks? I would guess the relay has to do with the global locking mechanism?