Where's it at?


Can someone tell me where the fuse box is on my '99 Taurus. My cigarette and accessory sockets are both ice cold. Thanks a million.


Your Owner’s Manual will guide you to the correct location(s). Many cars now have fuses in more than one location, and the Owner’s Manual will show you which specific fuses are located in each fuse block.


It should be located on the drivers side underneath the kick panel, and to the right of the steering column.

This usually involves acrobatics an Olympian would be proud of to access.


Thanks to both of you, VDdriver and OK4450 for your answers because I looked in the owner’s manual and found the location of the fuse and then I got on my knees, bent down and kinda turned my neck up and to the west. Bingo, there it was. Now, in exchange for replacing the cigarette lighter fuse so my wife can charge her phone, I get a back rub with Ben-Gay. Thanks guys.