Where's the fuse?

Trying to pinpoint where the fuse is located for the air pump on my pickup.Finally found the pump behind the front bumper,and before I attempt a remove/replace on it it was suggested to check the fuse for it which is easier said than found.It is throwing a code for this and I understand this is a known problem for GM(bad design)and I’ve already replaced both O2 sensors.Thank you

Doesn’t the owner’s manual have a fuse list or diagram?

There are usually two fuse boxes. One under the hood and one inside the cab.

Do keep in mind that codes don’t really tell you that parts are bad. Based on the note about the O2 sensors it looks like you’re guessing. This is an expensive way to do diagnosis.

If you reported the actual, specific code, folks might be able to give some diagnostic suggestions that might save you some time and money.

First off I apologize for taking so long to get back with the codes and secondly THANK YOU for responding.The codes are P0410,P0130,and P1870.I’ve replaced both O2 sensors and was told that removing the battery negative cable will remove any codes that have been fixed.Before I tried this I was hoping to find and check/replace the fuse associated with the air pump but nowhere in the owners manual can I find a listing for the air pump.The only thing close to manual help was a Mitchell’s wiring schematic at the local library but I am not that familiar with reading schematics.Thank you for your help

A Haynes manual will also show you the location of the fuse boxes and identify the fuses. You should be able to find an S-10 Haynes book at the public library, too.

You aren’t the first person to run into trouble with schematics. Fuses typically are indicated only by amperage in the schematics and if they do have labels, the names may not match those on the fuse diagrams in the manual or on the fuse box cover.

It’s usually not too hard to see other stuff in the schematic that is tied to the same fuse. Maybe that will help identify the fuse. For example if the radio were on the same fuse (it won’t be), you should look for the radio fuse as well as the air pump fuse. I’d expect the air pump fuse to be in an engine compartment fuse box, but there’s no certainty of that.

Every wire in the car is color coded and the codes e.g (orange with green stripe) are usually unique. You might be able to spot the color code on the wiring at the air pump and – given a lot of luck pick it up at the wiring to the fuse box. I wouldn’t waste a lot of time on that, but it just might work. (The wire codes are usually indicated on the schematic also with cryptic letters like O-G next to the wires)

One final possibility is that the actual shop manuals for most cars are very extensive and usually very expensive. They probably have the answer to where the fuse is buried in them somewhere. A few shop manuals have found their way onto the Internet and some are free. You can try finding one for your car using a search engine like Google.

What year is your s10. I have a 2002 I drove my 2002 into the back of an equinox and rebuilt the front end and voila the the pump started working again. I suspect it was a bad ground, but since I didn’t do any more investigative work I don’t know. If you know it isn’t running check power and ground.

Thanks to all who replied(by the way it’s a 2000 s10)I’m leaning towards that shop manual and I’ll update this post with anything I find to help the next person with as much specific info as I find.

My research indicates that the fuse and relay are on the right fender bulkhead to the front of the engine compartment. Also check out the TSB for modifying the plumbing of the AIR pump to keep water/condensation out of the vane pump. Replacement seems to be the only cure for a corroded pump.

Thank you Researcher,I am finishing putting in A/T solenoids and an oil change and if all goes well the next fix is the air pump so thank you all again.