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95 Lesabre fuel pump relay

can anyone tell me which relay under hood belongs to fuel pump…thanks!

First place to look is the owner’s manual. It may have a diagram of fuses and relays. Some fuse and relay box covers have a diagram printed on the cover itself, either inside or outside. If none of those is helpful, a service manual, such as Haynes, should do the trick.

Nothing in owners manual…and no stickers indicating which relay is which…checked repair book i show either.

I had the exact same problem yesterday with my 86 chevy S10 pickup. I bought a manual and the only answer I got there was “models vary”. So I started searching the internet and came across a site called “”. Maybe you’re familiar with it, but I was not. Maybe I was just lucky, but I got the answer I needed within a half hour. They have a network of experts in various fields that are prepared to answer questions. You do have to register with a credit card and pay a minimum of $9.00, but I felt that it was worth it for accurate information. They claim that you only have to pay if you’re satisfied with your answer. All I can say is that I got satisfactory results.
You type in your question, then choose which catagory of expert you want to hear from. I looked at their choices and did not see Buick as one of the choices, but “Chevy expert” should be able to help since they are both GM products. Hope this helps.

What are you trying to do? In my Olds its in one of the relay and fuse centers under the back seat. In my Riv. one of them is on the firewall and the other in the main fuse block. Usually not in the under hood relay center which is for AC, horn, etc. The relay though is only needed until oil pressure is high enough and then an alternate power source is provided to the pump. So if the relay is bad, it would still start but with extended cranking, and then run.

well… i have no manual to go was assuming it was in fuse center…and it did take extra cranks for it to start yesterday…then it died about 3 miles down road…waited 5 minutes and restarted…couldnt here pump in mean time coming on…so hoping it is relay

Hmmm. Don’t think so. There should be a test connector probably on the driver’s side under the hood. A white wire just kind of on its own not connected to anything. That’s the fuel pump test connector. Put a test light on that to ground and see if it lights momentarily when turning the key on. If so there is power to the pump and pump not working, if not then could be relay, ecm, etc.

Thanks for info Bing…did see that wire u mentioned…car is starting and running at moment…was trying to find problem before it dies again out on road.Have ran in drive for awhile few different times…seems fine…just dont wanna pay those nice tow truck drivers unless i have to.

I found problem so want to pass this along to help someone else.on drivers side.pull up carpet by door,there is a large harness with a grounding setup taped on outside of harness,this is a connector with a metal bar connecting several grounds…mine was very corroded…moved bar just a bit and car died…guess this is a very common problem…just not known by many…gonna clean and dielectric grease and should be all set,and thanks again to those who replied.