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Electrical Diagram

I am seeking an electrical diagram for this truck. The problem is that the tachometer, speedometer, odometer, obd2 input port, radio and temperature gage have lost power.

If someone could point me in the right direction for finding the electrical schematics it would be appreciated.

The model year would be useful in finding the information you need.

That said, head over to Ebay Motors and see if you can buy a Chevy factory service manual for your truck. That will have all the schematics you need.

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Make sure fuse 19 (RDO/BAT) is good in the dash fuse panel and verify power is getting to it using a test light probe. If no power is getting to that fuse then check the fuse labled INT/BAT in the panel under the hood. If power is good there but not to fuse 19 then the trouble is most likely at splice connection S223. The door locks are tied to that splice also.

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Try Googling “Chevrolet s10 wiring diagram”. I see quite a few hits when I do it. The AutoZone website has wiring diagrams for older vehicles, so check there too.

I appreciate the starting point. I discovered that the INT/BAT is not providing any power. I will start looking for ground issues next opportunity I have.

The model year is 2002 Chevy S10 ZR2. I am looking at some of those books. The options I found are spend 70- 350 bucks. There are some that are in between, in-which I may purchase the 175 option. This option provides three books that appear to be close to what I am working on.

Have tried that and cannot find reliable results that way.

Found the problem


That definitely looks problematic … lol … Good for you for getting got the bottom of it.

Rust never sleeps. That reminded me of a turn signal problem that couldn’t be diagnosed. I went to pull out three sets of old stereo wiring for speakers and happened to find two wires that were melted together. Once I pulled them apart and taped them the signal light worked. I got my state inspection done before something else went wrong.

For future, BBB industries offers free wiring diagrams on their website for us diyers.

That is good to know I will bookmark that one.

It does not help here in North Eastern Ohio with the salt they put on the roads. I am glad they do but there is a cost to it.

Thanks to your help I was able to resolve the issue. I took apart the connectors and soldered the wire to the female plug where is rusted apart. I went ahead an took apart the other ones cleaned them well and put a bunch of dielectric grease on it for future prevention. Thank you!