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Malfunction Code PO410

2001 S-10 pickup. 4.3L engine. Service engine light came on. Pocket scaner indicates code PO410, Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction. Can anyone out there enlighten me on this problem. Thanks: Airdropbill

Try this site.

Hope this helps.

Ed B.

Thanks Ed. It did help.

Unlike the days of yore, when the air pump was driven by the fan belt, this air pump is electric, and is not placed on the engine; but, inside a fender…

Thanks. I located the pump, driver side inside the fender, now I’m trying to locate the fuse for the pump. The fuse box on the fender doesn’t show a label for the pump, do you happen to know which fuse controls the pump and how its labeled?

This is a quote from another forum, but it looks like the Air Pump has it’s own fuse box.

Your S10 . has a small fuse box Next to the battery.
1 - air solenoid 10 amp.
1 - air fuse 30 amp.
1 - Mini relay (air relay)

On under hood main fuse block you have.
1 - fuse Engine E 10 amp.

Here is a link to a very detailed troubleshooting thread.

Here is the wiring diagram from the thread, the fuse names agree with those in the beginning of this post.

Good luck,

Ed B.