Secondary Air Injection Code on 2001 Chevy Blazer

I have a CEL giving the code p0410.
So I checked the fuse for the air pump which was blown so I replaced it and that got the light to turn off but only for a few days. I’m going to check on the fuse again in the morning but for now, I wanted to ask this - How exactly do I check to see if the air pump turns on during a cold start? Does a blown fuse automatically indicate the pump is the issue?
I also want to mention that the truck hasn’t been near water.

In 20 years, an intermittent short could have developed in the wiring to the pump.

Air pump? Didn’t know that modern vehicules were still using them but of course this its 20 year old pickup.

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If an electric pump or motor gets stuck, it could draw more electric current which could cause the fuse to blow.

I checked on the fuse again and it’s still closed, not blown.

It’s a second gen s10 blazer not the s10 pickup. But thanks for the insight.

That fault indicates that the air injection pump is not operating. The PCM monitors the oxygen sensor for a reaction when the air pump is switched on, with no reaction it is determined that the pump is not operating.

The blown fuse is a good indicator that the pump motor has seized/shorted.