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Where's my fuse box? Subaru Legacy 1991

I am not very good at auto repair so I need some help. My AC/Heater blower stopped working so I need to check what is wrong. I think the first step would be to find the fuse box and check the fuses. That is easy to do but I do not know where the fuse box is. HELP!!

I hope I find a blown fuse because if I don’t I will be asking more questions on next steps.

Thank You.

The obvious answer to your question is that the Owner’s Manual will explain everything on this topic. However, if you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, I will give this my best shot. I am only really familiar with Subarus from the late '90s to the present, so this may not be valid for a '91 model, but here goes:

There should be two fuse boxes–one underneath the hood, just behind the battery, and the other one either on the “kick panel” next to the driver’s left foot or on the underside of the dashboard, to the left of the steering column.

If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, you really need to get one. E-bay is a good source.