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91 Subaru Legacy Blower Problem

I’m back again! My 1991 Subaru Legacy’s blower for the AC & Heater no longer appears to blow. I checked all the fuses & they were good. My question; does anyone know how I can check my relay ?? I called Autozone & they said that there is no way to check them. Any suggestions is much appreciated.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the connector at the blower motor itself and use a test light to probe the green/white wire. There should be power at this wire and it should pass through the motor itself and then on through a blue wire which goes to the blower motor resistor.

If there is no power at the green/white wire then either the relay is faulty or there is relay control problem. A relay or relay control problem will be more difficult to track. Without going through all of the wiring checks I would advise taking a look at that green/white and going from there.
If that’s the original blower motor odds are that is your problem. Hope that helps.

(And there is a way to check the relay. It just involves a little time and aptitude. Also keep in mind that a worn and dragging blower motor can knock out a fan relay over time)

That’s great advise! Thank you and I’ll give it a try this a try this week!