Fuse box location

I have a 91 dodge shadow and the brake lights are out. Got new bulbs, still dont work. Found the fuse box in the car, but cant find the one where the brake lights are, looked under the hood dont see it anywhere. Any help please? Thank you

Your owners manual will have a list of fuses & what each one is wired to. It will also tell you if you have another fuse box under the hood.

The first clue I had that my brake light switch might be bad (87 Ranger)was when the cruise control would not shut off when hitting the brakes.

Nine bucks for a new switch & problem solved.

Another location besides the owner’s manual where the fuses are usually dientified is the fusebox cover. They’ll often be dientified inside the cover, sometimes outside.

Many cars nowadays have several fuseboxes. There are commonly one or two under the hood and one, maybe two, in the cabin. Usually the latter are located on the driver’s side under a small access panel or under the dash or on the left side kickpanel