Fuse Block Location

Just trying to find the fuse block inside the cabin of my '97 Toyota Camry. That’s where the fuses supposedly are for both the accessory outlet and cigarette lighter. Wondering if I have to remove some of the plastic below the steering column to access?

I think those fuses are probably in the instrument panel junction block. It should be located somewhere near the driver’s left knee, that area. On my Corolla there’s a panel there I need to remove to see the fuses. The exact location should be shown in your owner’s manual. Look for some kind of easy to remove panel.

It’s right behind the change compartment by the drivers knee. Open it up and pull up, it’ll pop out. Then you’ll see the fuses behind where it was. Cheers.

Just bear in mind that most Japanese cars have two fuse blocks–one located on the left lower side of the dashboard, and one in the engine compartment. I would be surprised if that Camry had only one fuse block.

The 97 Camry owner’s manual list 4 locations - one by driver’s left knee, one under the hood on the driver’s side, and one for each headlamp.

I’m surprised each headlamp would have it’s own local fuse.

The one you’re looking for is probably the one behind the driver’s knee panel. At last count, and while sorting out an electrical glitch, I found seven fuse locations on my youngest son’s '95 Camry.

Apparently diversification is the order of the day.