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Locate my own key pad lock code?

I have a 2004 Ford expedition I have had it about 3 years, and still don’t know my own drivers side key pad lock. I used to own 2002 and they told me i could locate the code under the steering wheel dash and yes i located it on the alarm box. But i’ve tried to do the same with this vehicle and have not found or seen anything. I was wondering HOW or WHERE can i locate my pin #?

any information will be helpful

What does the owner’s manual say? If the manual doesn’t help call the Ford dealer.

If no one here knows, try an Expy board or a dealer as mc suggested. They must have moved the module, maybe to the inside of the door.

The module that contains the factory code (you can assign your own personal code, but only if you know the factory code) is inside the driver’s door. It may or may not have a sticker on it with the factory code. A dealer can hook it up to their equipment and read the code out for you. If you are a regular customer, they may do it for free.