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Where to find parts for a 1981 BMW 633 csi

I need a regulator for the driver’s side window in my 1981 BMW and the only source my mechanic has found is to order it directly from BMW in Germany for about $600. does anyone know of a good store/shop that might have old BMW parts? thanks.

Have you joined the BMWCCA? I bet folks there would know. You’ll need sources to keep this 30-year-old on the road.

The best looking BMW, ever, IMHO. is usually a good source for BMW parts. They list the regulator motor for $343.

thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check into both and texases, you’re right, I do need help keeping the BMW working well but so far so good. It has great power and handles well, the odometer stopped working, the windows and sunroof ditto but I love driving it.

If BMW also used hand crank windows for that year, it might be an option to install that for less money. Just a blue sky guess for you.

Hello, thanks for the hand crank suggestion. I tried that and it works on the passenger’s window but the mechanic said that since the regulator is defunct on the driver’s side it doesn’t work there. We tried!

Used parts at is your best bet. Many window regulators for your car are available in the $40 - $100 range.

Nice price range, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check.

One other place for less-unusual parts would be, they list a number of parts for your 633i, but not the one you’re looking for here.