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Other source of WINDOW REGULATOR other than Fordealer?

2008 Expedition driver’s hardly-used window regulator cable broke.
Fordealers want $131 for the window regulator.
They admithathe new one is stronger “heftier” than the original.
Is there any other less-costly source?

Thank you.

Junk yard. But your going to a use one for about 1/2 the cost. I would just buy the new one.

Check eBay. A few years ago I found one there for an elderly Mercedes. Used, but worked fine. ebay – one never knows…

Rock Auto,carcode,1440072,parttype,10217

Thank you, Gold, so much for the link.
I called Dorman and they said theirs is made to the SAME specifcations as the Ford part.
Is theirs ALSO UNDER-ENGINEERED like Ford’s ?

$93.79 + $12.36 = $106.15 vs Fordealer: $131+ tax.

Thank you.

For the extra $25 I’d get the Ford part - except I’d first want to find out who actually manufactures each. Its quite possible that both are made by the same company & then just shipped out & put under different labels.

I paid $90 for power window regulator for my Mustang a couple months ago. It’s only non-maintence “repair” I’ve had to make in about 6 years of ownership. And knowing that the same part for my step-dad’s Volvo was over $400 at the dealership. I didn’t sweat ponying up $90 for the OEM for my car.

For someone who relies so heavily and asks so much from his car, you seem to be pretty cheap when it comes to proper maintence and repair.

Someone has already mentioned getting one at a junk yard, but the last one I bought at a junk yard cost me about $50. and that was several years ago. The reason I decided to buy used was because mine were about $250.-$300. new. Since you can get a new one that’s supposed to be built to better specs I think I’d go ahead and buy a new one.

Dorman Products now has regulators in their catalog

Thank you, ALL.

A year ago, told thathe window regulator was $259 or something. No way could I spend money on that when funds were needed for more important things - like aggressive snow tires.

Thank you, GROOVE FORD, in Centennial, Colorado for selling the item to us for $113 + $30 core deposit.
Why Ford would wantheir defective part back is a mystery. (To destroy evidence of their incompetent engineeering?)

FoDad, my lastrip was transporting blood emergent to a hospital over a hundred miles up in the mountains. Before that, 85 miles to a town in eastern Colorado. (I was driving between 90 and 95 mph and still they called asking where their blood was.)

I paid for the gas and wear and tear (I drive as gently as possible) myself. I also have to change the oil earlier.
So I need to save every cent possible.

To save money, I do everything myself and do it properly.
Withis window I’d prefer to just put up withe inconvenience and place a stick in the mechanism to keep the window closed than spend $250.
Window closedoes not affecthe vehicle’s performance.
But wife wants it fixed.

With such little use, this window regulator should never have failed.
I shall contact Ford about paying for the part.