1986 Honda Civic

The front window drivers side will not go up or down. I tried everywhere to get the necessary part but had no luck. I’ll even buy a door to get the part. Car is unusable as it failed inspection because of the window.

Have you tried an internet search?

What part are you looking for regulator, motor, rails? I was able to get a complete assembly from Autozone for about $100. Dealer had it too but you needed to buy individual components for about 3x as much without a lifetime warrenty.

Is the difficulty that your car is 14 years old? ebay or a salvage yard has served well in the past for used parts.

How do you do an internet search? Thanks for any help.

How did you find us?
You probably used Google.

Well, to help you a bit, there’s a great website for finding car parts.
Its called http://www.car-part.com/

Go to that site, and see if you can get a list of salvage yards with the part that you need. You can try window motor, or front door regulator, as both of those come up with results.