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Where is the lowest price for Acura OEM parts - online?

I need to buy parts over $200
What might be a good place to buy them?

Try What are you trying to buy and why? With more info folks can give you more advice.

Timing belt job with water pump
Valve cover set
Oil pan gasket

For an integra 2000 model

Nothing wrong with rockauto for those parts. I don’t use them a lot, but their prices are generally very good. Delivery time has been very good when I do use them.

There’s a few around. Just do a google and take a look. I have used acuraoemparts out of Delray, and Handa-accessories.

Try this one I have had good luck with them.

Also look an amazon, their free shipping is nice.

There are hundreds of sites. Different parts are cheaper at different sites. Try Ebay also.