Typical cost of replacing Timing Belt/Water pump? 1990 Integra

Are there websites that give estimates on the current cost for doing specific maintenance or replacement jobs on cars? The two independent mechanics I’ve used for years have both gone out of business, so now I’m forced to find a new mechanic. I’ve called around for quotes, even from a dealer (I know, shame on me! and still waiting to hear back from them), but wondered if there is some site that gives typical costs for repairs based upon current prices? Sorry I repeated myself. I always love to read the advice from you all. And YES, I have checked out the mechanics files for new mechanics, but the list needs updating, as the two places I use are still listed there! Thank you.

Go here, http://repairpal.com/estimator/results, and enter your information.


@Tester , thanks, I will try the above. Currently, the first quote I received was $690 (independent mechanic)

MEANWHILE, this is what I found on one website, AutoMD (I did a rough cut and paste). However, it appears that it did NOT factor in that the labor for the two jobs could be “combined” into one labor time; isn’t it true that both jobs can be done simultaneously? IMO the labor charges should be ~ half of what is shown. Maybe I’m wrong!? but if I’m NOT wrong, then the first price I was quoted seems too high…

Estimate Cost » 1990 Acura Integra detail in 92106
1990 Acura Integra LS 4 Cyl 1.8L See Details
Dealer Costs
Time 7.9 hrs
Rate $99.00
Labor $782.10
Parts $173.75

Shop Costs
Time 7.9 hrs
Rate $85.00
Labor $671.50
Parts $130.31

DIY Costs
Time 10.1 hrs
Rate NA
Labor NA
Parts $104.25

(Relates only to shop price)
Timing Belt Replacement
Parts Engine Timing Belt - Camshaft
1 $79.30 $59.48
Labor 4.1 hrs $405.90 $348.50
Water Pump Replacement
Parts Engine Water Pump
1 $94.45 $70.84
Labor 3.8 hrs $376.20 $323.00
PART COSTS 2 $173.75 $130.31
LABOR TIME 7.9 hrs ($99/hr) $782.10 ($85/hr) $671.50
PARTS $173.75 $130.31
LABOR $782.10 $671.50
Total $955.85 $801.81


The job can be done as one repair.

The site I referred you to asks if you want the timing belt/water pump/tensioner to be estimated as one job.


@Tester Yes, thank you, this is what I found via repairpal.com

$759 to $982
Labor: $438 - $558
Parts: $321 - $424

Timing Belt
Valve Cover Gasket Set
Drive Belt(s)
Tensioner - Mechanical
2 Hose Clamps
Water Pump
Water Pump Gasket

Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

Meanwhile, I’m still hoping to hear back from two others I asked quotes from.

Thanks again. Guess I feel “okay” about the first quote I rec’d, but sure wish I could do it myself…haha!

Another source of this kind of info, ask your local public library if they subscribe to the All Data car repair information service. It’s a computer database with both the repair procedures and estimates for the time and parts cost.

BTW, you can subscribe yourself if you want. I think they offer a personal subscription for a small yearly fee, which only covers the information for one car.

Michelle…You can always call Pep Boys and dial 1 to go to the Service section. You then ask them how much a certain service would cost and they will give you a quote right then and there with no commitment needed on your part.

Typically Pep’s is Half what the dealers charge just to give you a general idea.

ALSO…You WILL WANT to have the Front Main Oil Seal replaced at the time of the T-Belt job…to NOT replace that seal at that time would be absolutely Moronic…it would also be a serious dis-service in my opinion. I always replace the front main seals when doing a T-Belt job…also I do the Camshaft seals as well. If you do NOT replace these items at the time of the job…it will cost about as much to replace them after the engine is all buttoned up again…as did the entire T-Belt job cost you. Those seals are only able to be changed at the time of the T belt job. The seals cost about 15-20 each…and if they leak AFTER the new belt is installed…it will ruin the new T- belt…and possibly cause it to fail or slip which would negate the entire point of the T-Belt job to begin with.

I always always always replace Everything under the timing belt cover… This usually includes the Water Pump (Common), the T-Belt tensioner…and all of the idler bearings…the Camshaft Seal/s and the Front Main seal.

MANY SHOPS DO NOT EVEN SUGGEST THESE ITEMS…WHY? I DON’T KNOW… They certainly know of the seals existence…and the importance of having those items not leak onto a new T belt job…but for the life of me I don’t know why they don’t beat you over the head with their collective importance in this endeavor. Make CERTAIN to add the items i mentioned to your T belt service…they very well may not even mention them…if they don’t…Show them how much you know and ask that they (Front Main Oil Seal, Camshaft Seal/s ) be replaced at the time of the job. It should add very little to the total cost. Just parts cost really…cant see much labor being involved since they will have these seals very close to being exposed during the normal job

Just a little “Insider Mechanic Info” for ya… USE IT !!!


I agree 100% with Honda Blackbird’s approach to timing belt jobs

I also think that it’s important to replace absolutely anything and everything under that cover. It will vastly improve the chances that everything under there will be fine until the next replacement comes due

Yup Yup… the Scary thing is… Most places wont even tell you this. They will just label it a T-Belt Job and no mention of the idler bearings or Main seal…or cam seals… Why? I have no clue…it is certainly to the advantage of the customer as well as the shop doing the work. I just dont understand these garages today… Perhaps its the service writer not knowing to bring this stuff up?

Whatever the issue… This is how I have done T-Belts since the very first one I installed…many many years ago. Its simply THE way to do it.


I believe some shops don’t include the seals, idler, tensioner, etc. in the quote, so that the customer simply sees the low estimate, and approves the repair

Then they’ve got their foot in the door, and once the car’s in the shop, they’ll try to upsell that stuff

Now what if the customer agreed to the timing belt job, without all the necessary . . . in my opinion . . . add-ons, and they get a phone call saying they need all this stuff?

Some customers might angrily say “Why didn’t you tell me upfront, that I would need all this stuff?”

Another scenario . . . what if the customer approves the add-ons, but the shop doesn’t have some of the stuff in their warehouse.

Would have been better to include all of it in the original repair estimate, wouldn’t it?

Poor planning, in my opinion

Better to just try to sell the complete job, right upfront

@“Honda Blackbird” and the rest; Thank you everyone! I’ll give PepBoys a call tomorrow and give them the “list”, then compare and contrast with the various websites as well as the Independent’s quote of $690 (+ tax? can’t remember!) I’m tempted to use the independent, as they’re about a mile from my house. And the Kearney Mesa Dealer? $974 + TAX!
Also, I cannot recall if labor is taxed; need to look at old receipts!

Now of course my friends are still talking me into just getting a new car, but that’s for another post!

Whichever shop you use for this job, make sure they come with a personal recommendation from someone you know.

With a 25 year old car I would not go overboard on replacements for the “future”.

Do the bare minimum and drive on. That price seems excessively expensive to replace timing belt and a few items. Keep calling around and maybe the less “nice” places where labor rates are potentially less expensive.

Funny I just did a T-Belt Job on a 90’ Integra…I did it the proper way… With all the seals and Water Pump… Basically Everything under the T-Belt Cover.

I think it cost me just a little under $200 to complete the entire job? Thats what it cost in parts…Pls don’t use this price as a Comparo.


That was going to be my question. Are you sure you want to put that kind of money into a 1990 Integra?


I like your style, as far as timing belt jobs go

If every mechanic at least tried to sell the complete and proper timing belt jobs, with all the stuff, like you do, there would be significantly less comebacks


Still car related here though a bit off topic. Not too long ago I had a Kia Sorento towed in, complaint was died while driving, will not start. Found a failed crankshaft sensor. Replacing this sensor requires disassembly of the the front of the engine to remove the upper, then lower timing covers to access the crank sensor. It is located inside the timing cover and is triggered by a toothed wheel on the crankshaft behind the timing belt pulley. Replacing this sensor requires all the labor of replacing the timing belt other than actually removing and replacing the belt.

I informed the customer of the findings, and also noted that the car was already 10,000 miles late for a timing belt service. I recommended a complete t-belt kit service at the same time, but the customer was adamant that he just did not have the money for more than the crank sensor replacement. I offered to the t-belt for just the additional price of the parts, he still declined but stated he would do the t-belt next month.

I explained that if he did that he would pay $400+ in labor today to do the crank sensor, and pay that same $400+ next month and we would be doing all the same labor over again.

Guess what? We did the crank sensor, got the car running, and at his next paycheck he brought the car back and we did the t-belt.

@“Honda Blackbird” too bad you don’t live in my area or I’d hire you!

@Bing , AndrewRA and anyone else who thinks I’m crazy to spend the $$ on an older car; My car is STILL fun to drive! She easily goes 80+ mph ( even though I shouldn’t), gets 27 mpg on average, and, since I’m the original owner, I guess I’m just attached to her!

I suppose that many on here who keep older cars going must work on their own cars, hence saving on the cost of labor. Sadly, I don’t have this option. HOWEVER, I’ve always believed that fixing things is still less than a couple of car payments.

There is another issue that’s been occurring with the car on occasion that needs figuring out, but I’ll search out info on here first before posting, so you all don’t have to rehash old info and so I don’t drift off top like I already have! It’s one reason I am inquiring about a TB job; if they are reasonable on this, then maybe they would also be reasonable in helping diagnose the other issue, which needs tending to almost more than the TB!

By the way, I did get another quote from an independent shop
I asked for a quote for parts and labor for a timing
belt/tensioner/water-pump job for my 1990 Integra.
The guy came back with $545.16 for items above, including the tensioner and
sales tax. So far this is the best (other than Honda Blackbird! :wink: ) but they are not as close to home as I’d like. Can’t have it all I guess.

Thanks again for all of your great wisdom :smiley:

$550 if you are in a high cost area is more on par and enough doing those associated parts.

Overboard I mean blackbird suggestion of changing all the parts while there on a 25year old car.