Timing belt service @ Acura Delership

My local dealer sent me a mailer, Timing belt service reduced to $428 from $600 - excludes tax. They are closed today - another shop said tax is about $20.

I believe an Asian shop quoted me $350 - 15mile drive. He did say he uses Honda part - someone else said he took his parts and got it done there too - good feedback on yelp.com.

What do u think of the dealership offer for my 1987 integra with 148k? Not sure their mechanics are familiar with 1987 model.

If its good, should I also get it done on my 1999 integra with 73k - or take it to the other place a year later for $350?

If neither have had a timing belt change, they are both due. I would ask about the advisability of changing water pump at the same time. Pulleys and tensioners should probably also be replaced.

Make sure in both cases you are comparing apples to apples, price-wise. Do either prices include parts, and if so, which parts? You probably need to ask both a few more questions before you know which is the better deal.

There’s nothing special about replacing the timing belt on this engine. You’ll usually find that independents are cheaper then dealers. Dealers hourly rates in this area are anywhere from $90 to $150 an hour. I can find a good independent for $70 or less.

Jayhawkroy has a good point about the waterppump. When comparing prices make sure they are quoting you for the same work. I highly recommend replacing the waterpump when replacing the timing belt.