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Best online auto parts and accessories stores?

What are the best online auto parts and accessories stores?

Geez… that’s like trying to identify the best supermarket bagger.

Mountainwalker, I hope you are properly amused, but know that we are getting tired of your dumb meaningless questions.

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look at…they deal with almost everything and at least it is highly reliable site.

Please don’t ask us: “How long is a piece of string?”

1 Like seems to have a large following is an affiliate of Advance Auto, and I have used them several times, mostly for door to door delivery of tool purchases. Their free shipping policy for a minimum purchase order is attractive to me, since I live in a rural area.

It is not a dumb question at all when you haven’t needed to own a car for many years, because you live in a major metropolitan area and can have a brand new car whenever needed from multiple rental garages within 5 min walking distance. I asked the same question on two other forums - what did I get? Nothing but very helpful answers and questions.

I’ve graduated one of the country’s top universities, served as an elite airborne unit commander in combat and as a special forces instructor, been an executive at world class companies and manage a rapidly growing company now, and I can spot your type a mile away. You know what kind of person makes a comment like yours? The kind of guy that needs to buy a red sports car with a powerful engine in the hopes of landing a decent date or getting an ounce of respect, and needs to keep a large military assault rifle he’ll never know how to operate properly or safely in order to feel tough. The same kind of person who needs to leverage a little bit of know how or familiarity in one area to squelch a newbie’s quest for information. Enjoy your 30 seconds of virtual glory.

See mshugna’s post? That’s the comment of a real person, commonly referred to as a “mensch.” He/she provided a little helpful information rather than the rant of a prepubescent teenager or of an adult with no self-confidence. The world is built on the shoulders of people who do and accomplish things, and who are not afraid to ask questions, not on the backs of cynics sitting on the sidelines.

Lesson over for today, no more time to spend teaching you the things your parents should have long ago.

Thank you jayhawkroy, much appreciated.

Sorry I’ve only bought from 2 or 3 of the 10-20 THOUSAND. So I really can’t say who’s the best.

And that wasn’t an aggressive and bitter reply either.
Ding, round 2? (Its what the news likes these days.)

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Agreed, best would require some sort of mass sampling of many possible varialbles… isn’t this supposed to be posted elsewhere on the site or is that just for mechanics?

Don’t try to bamboozle us with that ‘elite commander’ crap. Anyone should be able to see through impostor’s con-line by now. Even if it had an element of truth, we can easily spot a troll who simply likes to push people’s buttons. It sure is amusing if you can make them dance, isn’t it?

You never told us if you actually bought or turned down that emerald green and silver car bacause it might be an unsafe color. Was there even such a car?

Did you really have a decision of car shopping in SF or its suburbs based on salt? What do you eventually do?

Why would a special forces commander ask us – amateurs! – about an emergency kit for god’s sake?

Go away you wicked impostor. You’re EXPOSED!

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A good point Crash Menhou. When you encounter a bully, online or in the office, you should try explaining to them why their behavior is inappropriate. I’ve never seen that work, though I’ve always tried that first. Then you have to hold the bully accountable and put their behavior in context. I saved a step and did both at the same time. I never tolerate this kind of behavior toward anyone in any teams I’ve led or worked on. It creates a poisonous atmosphere and hampers productivity and creativity and leads to costly turnover.

That’s why I don’t watch network news. It’s not information. It’s entertainment, and there are far better choices out there. They beat most auto part store prices, but shipping can be high depending on what you order and where it’s shipping from. I always do a comparison between local and rockauto before I make a decision. I’ve purchased quite a bit from rockauto since they have beat my wholesale pricing with local distributors a few times.

LOL, it?s so not worthy engaging you further, you just don’t get intelligent civil interaction. You have my wife and I cracking up. For the benefit of my fellow Car Talk posters who were a great help, and anyone on Car Talk who has ever posted and had to deal with someone like SteveF:

  1. All real cars, all real sellers, 3 inspected. Didn’t buy the green car because it did not have a full maintenance history and did not check out well in a careful inspection. I did buy another vehicle of the same type with an excellent maintenance history which was in great mechanical shape. It happened to be white. Color was the last factor I’d consider, though it is a real factor in visibility. Thanks again Car Talk posters for the great information and advice which helped us make a great buy.

  2. Spoke with 3 top mechanics in San Francisco - salt and mist is a factor in SF, but not as bad a factor as it is in the Northeast. And indeed, the green car that was in San Francisco had a little more corrosion than the others which were kept in dry areas. Remember your chemistry class?

  3. I have excellent home and backpacking emergency kits, but as I mentioned (SteveF, try, just try to keep this in your memory for more than a few minutes), haven’t had to own a car in many years living in a great city serviced by many nearby rental car places.

This is a place to ask questions and exchange information. Not build yourself up by trying to put other people down.

Every time I speak with fellow servicemen and women, inevitably someone like you comes up, from the office, the store, a government office, wherever. We fight for each other, for the values we believe in and our fellow countrymen, but when we encounter someone like you, we just shake our heads.

IT would help if we knew what car(s) you are shopping for. If you are looking for classic car parts, there’s and for your Chevy needs, For newer cars, There’s also tons of specialty shops around too, just google your specific make/model for better results.

Try eBay Motors. They have user feedback and offer ad space to many parts sellers. I bought several parts there with good success. I even tried to buy a part, but the seller ran out. They promptly got back to me and offered to terminate the transaction, which I did one week later. I will shop there again. Be careful what parts you order. Some are only available at the dealer, and the reseller has to buy them there. The price is the same. That was the case with a replacement driver’s power window console (the item that the reseller didn’t have). Once you have a list of reselleers, you might check out the reseller’s web site; they sometines have both a web site and eBay site.

I beg to differ.
THIS is my go-to merchant for those hard-to-find parts and accessories:

Be sure to use the menu on the left side of the page in order to see the entire scope of their offerings!


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Is this a grade auto tooting his own horn? His screen name is the same as the site he references.

Good one @VDCdriver. I just clicked on yours.

He is a self-serving troll who searched for a thread like this just so that he could get some no-cost advertising for his crappy business.
I much prefer the vendor whose link I posted.

I flagged it as spam. It’s too bad, because the original post (9 years ago) had already been satisfied and was not spam. I thought it important to point out that the poster being tagged as a spam man is NOT the original poster, who asked a legitimate and important question.

Now, 9 years later, this spam artist has reopened the thread just for his own selfish purposes.