Where is Dome Light Electronic Dimmer?



On my 2004 Chrysler Sebring Covertible, the dome and interior lights no longer dim to off after the door is closed. This does not happen when it is cool. Its not a stuck switch. As an engineer I’m fairly certain that its a transistor breakdown in the electronic timer circuit. Where is this thing on that car? Thanks


A Haynes manual should have a schematic but I don’t know that it will be to that level. I’d have thought it would be a simple cap discharging through a resistor, just based on the cost and the voltage, but then I’d just be guessing. Today’s cars have “body control modules” and it’s probably a chip in there somewhere. The Haynes schematic will probably only show the module.

But, then, I’m just guessing.


If I could find the feature that dims the lights slowly in my Chevrolet Uplander, I would jerk it out and send it to you. IMHO, this is just one more thing to go wrong and I never figured out the purpose anyway. The strippo cars I used to own didn’t even have door switches to turn the interior lights on and off and I got along just fine.