2013 Dodge Dart interior light won't shut off

My interior light stays on after all doors are closed. I can’t get the light turned off

First off, read your owners manual, there may be a switch you hit accidentally to keep the lights on when the doors are shut.

If that is not it, then one of the door switches, likely the drivers door, is not triggering when you shut the door to turn off the light. Get it fixed soon, or it will run your battery down until the car won’t start.

I think I remember this complaint from at least 2 other Dart owners.

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Check the switch on the dash

Thank you. The knob was turned off.

The light is most likely controlled by an electronic module. If it doesn’t turn off after the 10 minute delay period then there may be a problem with the module. You would have to disconnect the battery while the car is parked so the battery won’t get discharged. You may need to have a service shop look at this problem.