Where do I charge the AC on a 1997 Aurora

I have a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora w/4.0 V8 and I cann’t locate the low pressure port to charge the AC.

Can anybody help?

You can purchase a Haynes repair manual for about $20 at your local auto parts store. It’s best not to try to charge an AC system until you are very familiar with it. If you accidently connect to the high side connector (very similar to low side connector) you can be seriously injured or worse. You could also find a friend who is knowledgeable of AC systems or take your vehicle to an independent AC shop. Your system may need to be pumped down or repaired if it’s in an unknown condition.

This will not be my first time charging a AC system. I do know the difference between the High side and the Low side. That is why I am asking for help. If you know where the low side is, please tell me. I have gone online and read service reports on the components of the system, but no where is it listed where the low port is.

I thought that all auto nuts would have a manual. Wrong again. So much for all GM cars being alike. Another mechanic plagued by the hose-a-matic underhood jumble.

Well I hesitate to answer and hope you know what you are doing. According to my factory manual, if you follow the tube along the right fender, the first port is the high side, then continuing along the tube as it bends to go over the cowl, is the second port or the low side. For the $100 or so to recharge a system, that’s not something I fool with anymore.

For the $100 or so to recharge a system, that’s not something I fool with anymore.

I sure agree with that. I also like the idea that they will also check for leaks etc. when they recharge. Since A/C dose not “use” the stuff, if you need to fill it up, it really makes sense to find and repair the leak with the possible except of a very very slow leak.