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Where to charge air conditioning

what port do i charge the air conditioning from this is the escort sport zx2 model

I suggest having the pro at an A/C shop do it. Frankly if you have to ask, you should not try it. It is possible to be injured if you don’t fully understand the instructions.

In addition since a properly functioning A/C does not use the stuff so it means you do have at least a very small leak.

Well frankly, I’ve done it before on my blazer and some other cars I’ve had in the past. The reason Im asking is so I dont make a mistake. In this economy I cant afford to take it to the shop! I am a good mechanic thats why I ask questions.

If you are a good mechanic, then you should know that the A/C charging is ALWAYS done at the low side pressure port with the engine running and the A/C on high. Also, on R-134a cars, the high side port is much larger than the low side port. These are the basics. Maybe a good shop manual is in order?

Thanks for your advice! I know the basics of charging a air conditoner. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything like a hidden port that I couldent see. Instead of buying a manual I thought I would try the experts a car talk forum. Thanks