2001 Ford Focus AC Charging


I give, where is the low pressure port on a 2001 Ford Focus located so I can recharge the AC system?



Ford systems use an accumulator dryer on the low side of the system. The charge port is on that accumulator mostly. You should be able to easilly locate the accumulator; it’s a big can with hoses running in and out of it.

Just wondering, what has made you give in? What is the problem? In many cases, simply charging an A/C system is dangerous without knowing what is going on within the system. Do you even plan on using a gauge to measure system charge?

How about you type up a description of the problem, and what you have done so far to try and find a solution. There are many users on this forum that are knowledgeable in the area of A/C systems. It being summer right now, A/C posts come into this forum at the rate of half a dozen a day. Most of them are solved (or as close to solved as we can get) within 24 hours.