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Low AC charging port

I can’t find the low side port in this car. The high side is beautifully placed up front. Please help me find this port! I’m sure it’s right in front of my face. Thx!!! 2013

Your post begs the question "Why do you want to know?"
On a newer car, it’s rare for it to have developed a leak which you can remedy by putting a can of 134 into it, if that’s your intent. And it is highly recommended that you use both high and low gauges to make sure you’re not overcharging it.
There may be other problems which need to be diagnosed.
I apologize in advance if you are a seasoned repair person and know this already.

A seasoned repair person would not ask this question.

I was pretty sure of that.

All the 134a comes with a low side connection. Regardless I still need to find the low side port. Thx

This might help:

I used to re-fill my old systems once in a while and after converting to 134a was going to add a little and got the kit. The shop that converted it even told me where the fittings were. Not ashamed to say that after considering it, I just decided to leave it to a pro. I still have the can and the kit and not sure what to do with it.

Last year I was in the Walmart auto section and a lady was asking the clerk about the kits. The guy actually sold her one. I really wanted to say something but she ran off so fast thinking she had her air conditioning problems solved. I suppose this year she will be told by a shop that it will be somewhere around $1000 to get the system working again.

Bottom line, just take it to a shop these days.