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2007 Chevrolet Impala - low pressure AC port

where is low pressure port A/C port on 2007 Chevrolet Impala

I am going to be honest here. If you don’t know where it is or how to locate it, you shouldn’t be messing with it. Take the car to some one who knows what they are doing.


The low pressure port is usually on the larger diameter aluminum tube. The ports are usually easy to spot if you look around. They will be facing more or less upward. The cap may have an L on it as well but the ports are different size to help minimize mistakes…

If you can’t determine the low pressure port then there is the valid concern of your getting hurt by fooling around with the A/C system.

I assume the system is low and you’re planning on using one of those DIY cans.

If the system is low enough to where the compressor won’t engage then it’s likely that any charge administered will be either a waste of time or a very short term fix. Assuming that you can actually get the charge into the system.

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Probably on the accumulator, or very close to it

I just helped someone yesterday with a landrover lr2. No expert but done a number of diy can fixes over the years. Could not for the life of me spot the low pressure port. High port was right in your face after brief search. Never ran into one I couldn’t spot quickly before. Resorted to searching online and found a discussion group with a thread having same question. It was under a cover in the trim panel over firewall. Tough one to locate without help and had answer in seconds after looking online. Many people need help once in a while. Doesn’t mean they’re clueless idiots incapable of doing the job. Why do people assume so much and take the time to post belittling comments rather than investing same amount of time trying to help someone? I was glad I found a site with people that were helpful when I needed it…

I only expressed what I felt was a valid concern about someone who is not familiar with A/C work getting injured; either in a minor way or a major way.

I know A/C pretty well and 4 or 5 years ago during a few seconds of carelessness on a home central air unit I got the tips of the fore and middle fingers of my right hand frostbitten. To this day they are still numb.

A guy i worked with was an A/C pro. A/C work is all he had done for 25 years. He inadvertently opened the high side of the gauges into a tapped can one day. There was a loud boom and he disappeared in a cloud of steam. Thankfully he was wearing glasses or would quite likely have been blinded.

I’m just trying to say that A/C work can be a bit dangerous even for those who know what they’re doing.