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Where did they hide the flasher relay?

2007 Jeep Wrangler. Right rear turn signal does not work - I cannot see the flasher relay anywhere, but I hear it clicking very rapidly somewhere under the dash. (It clicks normally for left turn signaling.) Where is the relay?

Note: right rear brake light does not work either. When I removed the bulb and applied 12VDC to it, both filaments in the bulb lit up, so I believe the bulb is O.K.

put a bulb in it.

most likley.

good luck

Under the dash somewhere. Follow the clicks. BTW, a fast clicking flasher usually means a light is not working. If the bulb is OK, check the wiring, especially if you have a trailer connection.

There could be a picture of it in the owner’s manual. They want you to know what it looks like because there are lots of flasher looking things along with it. The picture may be taken from any angle and it could confuse you too. You might have to remove a plastic cover to get to it; a big one.

Swap the bulb from the other side, see if the problem changes.

The flasher clicking at a different speed does NOT mean the flasher is bad, it means a bulb is burned out.

It is also likely that the bulb you checked has 2 filaments, one for the parking lights and one for the stop/turn lamp.

Did you ever figure out what the problem is? I know you’re not crazy because the same thing is happening to me, but on the left (drivers) side. Changed the bulb, Nope! On to the relays and fuses, now where the heck is that fuse? It was nearly impossible to figure out which one is for the brake/blinker light. None of them looked bad upon visual inspection, which would lead me to believe its a wiring issue.
What was the end problem with your Jeep?

The person who started this thread has been gone for 8 years so it would be best to start your own thread and the replies will be to you.

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