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2003 Kia Rio right rear flasher

… is not working.

Hey y’all. This passenger side rear turn signal stopped working two weeks ago after a period of intermittent operation. All other lights work. I replaced the bulb and fuses.
I am not an expert about auto electrical. The relay box is under the hood on the driver side. There is another fuse box under the driver side dash left of the steering column. Auto parts stores want to sell me a “flasher” that, well, I can’t figure out where it goes. The “TNS relay” in the relay box is smaller than the flasher the parts stores are selling me. Online information is minimal and unhelpful. My little owner manual is unhelpful. I can’t even find a manual to purchase.

  1. Any theories about what is wrong? Wiring? Relay?
  2. Where does that flasher go? Somewhere under the dash?

Thanks for your help.

It’s not the flasher unit. If it were the front flasher woudn’t work. But in the wiring diagram there’s a component called a short connector or SC2. It’s here where the wiring splits off between the front and rear lamps from the flasher unit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide the location of SC2.


Thanks for your help Tester. I’m going to call somebody who is more comfortable with electrical than I am.