Rear right turn signal

Fuse and Bulb good. where is the flasher

…and the flasher works when you use the other side? If so, it’s not the flasher. Look at the right “other end” bulb(S) for your problem.

At night, get someone to push the brake pedal and use the turn signals. Do the same sequence of usage …WITH and WITHOUT the parking lights on. When you see something react oddly, that should be your problem bulb.

It can be hard to wrap your head around if you’re not used to it.

Even if you think the lamp is good, try replacing it.

I replace the lamp and tested the fuse. I think the first answer is hopefully correct. I kind of remember a similar situation, but I would still like to know where the flasher is, just in case it goes bad. I can hear it, but not see it. There is nothing about it in the book that came with the car. I appreciate all comments.

If you can hear it, it’s working

But, where is it?

My backyard mechanic and neighbor had me switch between left and right turns. By the time he got the lens off I guess he forgot which bulb was which and chose the wrong one. After switching the bulbs front from left to right, I decided to switch to switch the rear left to right. The real left turn signal bulb was black. Replacing it fixed the problem.