Flasher location in Sunfire 2001

Hello Everyone,

I need help in location Flasher for Pontiac Sunfire 2001. It needs replacement before it gets totally broken. It is still working but I noticed the flashing won’t last anymore. It blinks but stays Lit after about a minute.

Thank you

Its behind instrument panel on driver side right of steering column

Thanks for responding. I tried to look for it by peeping under hoping I could grab it by hand but it looks like I need to bring it to the shop for the whole instrument panel removed. Since I am not sure if it is really the Flasher that is in trouble, I would like to do some trouble isolation. I want to make sure that it is not a busted/defective bulb that is causing the problem.

Again the symptoms are, flashing stops and gives me a steady light but flashing can be re-started by bringing the turn lever switch back to off and on again. It happens on either left or right turns.

Could it be caused by a busted/lose bulb on any of my signal lights. If so why does it happens on either left or right turns. If it’s really the flasher behind the instrument panel then this means big bucks for a simple problem, I wish I could remove the panel myself.

Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

I would find it hard to believe you have to remove the dash to get to it. Plus I found this:

Hope it helps. good luck.