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Signal Flasher Relay Location in Chevrolet Lumina '91

My turn signals in my Chevrolet Lumina '91 have been slowing down for a few weeks until they stopped responding. I picked up a new flasher relay (squat cylindrical thing about an inch across with two prongs at right angles to each other). However, I cannot seem to find the location of the original to replace it. I’ve looked in the glove box fuse box, the under-hood fuse box, removed the panel under the steering wheel, removed the panel under the glove box (where I found the hazard flasher relay), and even tried to take the glove box out. The signal doesn’t sound to guide me to the location. Where does it lie? Any assistance will be appreciated.

driver side seat, under the dash mounted on the passenger side of steering column.

@castironman: Thank you for your prompt reply. I found the module at the forward-most point in the compartment, next to the accelerator.