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Where are the old episodes on

Do any of the forum users know why most of the older shows disappeared from I had been purchasing/downloading/listening to several years from the 2000’s, but around the first of the year, they just disappeared from Audible’s website.

I emailed the website’s “contact us” address but never heard back. I posted on the Facebook page at one point and got a reply that they would look into it, but that was the last I saw or heard. It’s disappointing as I enjoy listening to the shows while commuting.

I use Pod kicker to get the shows now, of course you can only get the last couple of recently aired shows but thats what I have gone to for my cartalk fix.

@gh1138, I will find out the answer for you. Pinkie swear!

OK, so what I hear is that Audible removed the old shows from their site because they were in older, lower-quality audio formats that weren’t supported by the apps most people use to listen to the books. Audible doesn’t have immediate plans to bring them back. On the other hand, you can get those old shows in other places, like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play. Sorry for the trouble and confusion, and I hope you’ll continue to listen.

Thank you for finding out for me. Unfortunately, I don’t care for itunes, but at least I know now why they’re not on Audible anymore. I don’t see many of the older episodes (e.g., 2005 shows) on Google Play or Amazon. If anyone knows they are there, and I’m just looking in the wrong place, please let me know. Thanks again.