Old shows

How do I listen to old shows in their entirety? (One I’d like to hear is #1313). I don’t have an iPod. I want to get it online.

#1313 is last week’s show. This can be done for free, but you have to hurry, the file for #1313 will soon be deleted from the rss podcast page. The only mp3 access is to the current week and the prior week without Itunes.

Surf to NPR’s podcast page for CarTalk. Click on that little orange box which say “podcast” or “pod” or “rss” or something like that. You’ll see #1314 and #1313 listed. Just click on #1313 and you can listen to it online.

Note: #1313 is mislabled. The 1 got mixed up with a !.

For more info, see the thread I recently updated about another missing podcast, near this one, in the “Show” category.