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Any chance old shows are being resurrected from the lost years?

I have every archived show possible, but if you guys can manage to find shows from the 90s, I’d be all over that.

Did you look on the Our Show link at the top? Looks like they have some from the 90s.

Yes, but they have like 4-5 shows archived for each year. I feel like out there somewhere there are 40 + more shows for each year that I want to own. :grinning:

Bad news first: We just don’t have every show available. This is due to the format they were recorded in originally, age, sound quality and what is best described as “technical mumbo jumbo.”

Now the good news, which you may already know:

Around 500 past episodes are available on our website. Just chose the show you want, and under “Listen to show” there will be various options for purchase, such as iTunes, Audible, and others, depending upon the age of the show.

And finally, we may be doing you a favor! The Centers for Disease Control alerted us that making more episodes available could trigger an epidemic of Bad Taste, with numerous side effects including, but not limited to, the return of leisure suits, MC Hammer pants, and velvet paintings of Elvis.

If a vaccine is found, and we find ourselves able to publish the complete catalog, we’ll announce it in our newsletter, our website, and on our social media accounts. (As well as carrier pigeons, and semaphore flags from the roof of Car Talk Plaza).

Connie Brichford
Junior Web Lackey


Thank you for saving me from myself. :wink: These 100s of shows that i own keep me sane and keep me away from politics and the radio. The laughter has added years to my life.


Your punishment for being intolerant, you must watch this video 5 while writing on the chalkboard repeatedly I will not offend people with different tastes. :hamburger:

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Another vote favoring @David_Scott 's idea. I’d enjoy hearing some of the earlier shows on podcast too. The earlier the better imo. I don’t mind if the sol’n to every caller’s problem is the choke-pull-off … :wink: Just be fun to hear Tom and Ray in the early days. Even before Car Talk hit NPR, if any tapes remain.

Lesson learned!

I did buy the first NPR show. It was very different. It has been interesting how the show evolved over the years though.