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Car Talk for those of us that are outside the USA

Hi all, a listener from Turkey here. Love the show, discovered it too late to listen to when it was “live”. I listen through NPR but I would love to get my hands on some of the older shows. The old shows available through itunes, google amazon etc, are not available for purchase in my country, or many other places I imageine. Is theer any way that we could somehow access the old shows? Spotifty or deezer or some other streaming service perhaps?

Does this work for you?

Sort of, I can see the show, when I click on listen to the show it gives me options (amazon, google play, itunes and auidble) but I can’t purchase from those soureces since the item is not available outside the USA. I have access to the whole archive for shows after episode 30 of 2007. It is the earlier shows I am after.

So are those of us here in the states. There are very few of the early shows available.