We wanted to download some of the older shows- 2007-2009, but none are downloadable. I emailed, but got no response. Just wondering what’s up with that? Anyone else contacted them about that?

Hi @jmwe29, I’m not sure the answer, but I’ll look into it for you.

That would be great; thanks for your help.

I assume you are already aware that only the past two week’s shows are available via the NPR download site. Older ones, you have to use ITunes. Are you saying ITunes doesn’t offer them from 2007-2009?

Right. You click on them to listen, and no options come up, itunes or audible. I’d settle for either, though I prefer itunes.

Are you searching by album? Put Car Talk into the search window in I-tunes and you should see a bunch of shows listed, various years from the 90’s on. If you new the titles of the shows you were looking for that would make it easier.

Amazon also has a selection similar to i-tunes for 99 cents each

I hadn’t tried going through amazon or itunes; I’ve just been downloading for a few years at the car talk site. Thanks, folks, I’ll take a look. Didn’t realize you could work it backward.

Went to itunes; they have a handful of classics and the albums but not several full year’s worth of stuff like at the car talk site. If they don’t make those available again here at the home site, I guess they’re just gone, though I’m sure they’ll rerun most of them eventually.

@jmwe29‌, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I asked for some info about your question. Doug, our web producer, explained to me that each week’s show goes into iTunes, as you have seen. Car Talk periodically revisits whether to upload older shows, but for right now, we aren’t planning any additions to the back catalog beyond what is added weekly.

Thanks, but I still don’t understand why quite a few years’ worth of shows are listed for past years in the “browse shows” screen (2007-2009 specifically), and used to be downloadable but now aren’t. If they are no longer available as either itunes or audible downloads, the webpage needs to be updated to show only the ones that are. I get the “new” ones every week from the npr site.

@jmwe29, when you listen to current shows, you’ll hear the same content from shows made years ago. The fact that Tom and Ray have retired and decided to recycle old calls makes those old shows redundant.