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Welcome to the New Car Talk Community!

We've now completed the migration to our new home. During the coming days and weeks, we'll be addressing those inevitable, niggling issues that occur with the move to a new residence. In the case of the community, that means getting URL redirects in place, fixing broken links within discussions, learning new moderation tools, figuring out user profiles, new features and other functionality. It'll take time for all of us to get used to this new home.

For those of you who were wondering, "Why the change?" The simple answer is, our former discussion forums were being discontinued and were no longer supported after today. We reviewed all your many comments, and did our best to find the right discussion application to meet our Car Talk Community needs.

Feel free to share your comments here. All we ask is that you give the few of us light-starved lackeys your patience. As always, there are just a few of us here -- and we have the full Car Talk site to manage, update, and generally keep alive and thriving. As time, our abilities and the functionality of the new forums allow, we'll do our very best to address any outstanding issues.

Our Czarina for all things Car Talk Community, Carolyn, will be updating this discussion thread from time to time.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

Is there a way for me to see the linkage between posts that was evident under the old system? There seems now to be no ordering other than by time stamp.

That shocking red border is still there. How much did my boss pay you do keep it?

Seems to work anyway.

I agree. A border with a less offensive in your face color, a way to immediately access the last comment and show linkage to previous comments. Otherwise, making the set more compatible with iPads seems out of the question too.

No search feature? Really?!?

border ?
adjust screen resolition.

My “red” border consists of merely .0485 inch ( less than 1/16" ) on either side. Just a tiny stripe.

    • search feature ( so far ) can be accessed from the home page.

– And, I also don’t like how the posts are strung together with no means of posting a comment to someone’s comment midway and indicatiing so.

I liked the way the old forum would let me sign in and stay in the same discussion. Now when I sign in, I get taken to the index of forums.

Can we still embed images? I shall try now.

Peace Pigs

Now I see. You no longer use the … type of code. Instead, it now takes the HTML code to embed an image.

It even works with animated GIFs.


That’s just scary Whitey. And I don’t mean the little animated gif either.

Anyway, I am actually at a loss - since you do know how to embed an image…and said “I see” when you made it work. But that leaves how you made it work a mystery.

I could probably look in the Help info - but I always find that so…unhelpful

I agree with cigroller. There ought to be a way to flag Whitey’s self portrait as abusive.

post voting can be done with a plug-in

It looks like forum searching is built into the core but did not seem as easy to enable and use…

The only way I know to embed an image or a video is to look for a “share” link, and try to click on the one that says it is HTML or has a button that reads “embed.” Then you just copy and paste the code.

If you use photobucket, like I do, you just copy the code next to the “HTML” label.

I don’t know how to write the code, only how to copy and paste.

I changed the picture. How do you like it now?

It looks like the new forum has fewer features than the old one, or else features have been hidden:

  • formatting
  • flagging
  • editing
  • ranking
  • showing threaded replies
  • allowing you to see your entire post as you enter it

Additionally, since I can only see a few lines of what I write, you said you were ditching the old system because it was no longer supported. That system had been in place for some time, and seemed stable. Was it not stable? How much support did you really need? Assuming it was written in php you could hire someone to support it on a consultant basis. So far the new forum seems vastly inferior. It wasn’t broke, but you fixed it.

@Whitey - "I changed the picture. How do you like it now? "

Now that one I love!

img src=""
use the <> brackets

Looks like we are trying to reinvent the wheel instead of making modest changes.

You guys are scaring me. Whitey, you didn’t happen to have the Mobil station in Sioux Falls in the late 60’s did you? Looks just like the guy that showed me the tap on the carb trick to unstick a sticky float. I think I’ll just skip the pics, html, etc. stuff. Just chocolate ice cream for me and no do dads on on it.

The picture I am using as an avatar right now is my maternal grandfather, Ronald “Bo” Thompson. He owned and operated two full service stations in Illinois. I will see if I can find a copy of one of his advertisements.

Ah, I’ve found them. Here they are: