When it rains,it don't always pour

I have a 2001 ford explorer sport…My wipers only work on high(which is fine if its coming a frog choker),and it cuts off when you turn the switch to anywhere except high.What should I do???

Perhaps pull the switch and spray it with an electrical contact cleaner or replace the switch.

Is it the multi-function steering column mounted switch? If so, disconnect the multi-function wiring harness connector under the dash and spray with the same cleaner.

Either the low speed winding in the motor is open circuit, or the low speed relay is bad. I don’t know if 2001 has the relays and electronics as part of the motor assembly or in a separate module.
Do they park correctly?

No,they don’t park correctly…

Then you can forget about the multi-function switch. The problem’s not there. It will be in the motor assembly, the electronic module (if separate from the motor), or the wiring in between. If you have a multi-meter and a trouble-shooting guide, then it is not too difficult to track it down.

Ok,thanks a lot for the info…