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Wiper blades won't go down

Hi, I’ve got a 2001 Old Silhoutte and have had problems with the wiper blades going back down after use. We went to the “dealer” a few years ago and several hundreds of dollars later, they worked for one day. They replaced transmission and I took it back the very next day for the same problem and they replaced the wiper crank arm (shouldn’t that have been done first???). Anyway, 3 yrs later and it’s been doing the same thing. It does go down sometime but usually stay at 45 degrees (it was worse before). Any ideas? Has anyone heard of this before?

First of all, that ‘dealer’ you went to does NOT have a clue how to fix your problem, obviously.

Find a good reputable independent for repairs. They won’t jerk your wallet or you around. Most times the repairs will be a bit cheaper as well.

Oh yeah, I’d say a few million GM owners have heard (and seen) this problem.

I must have horseshoes in improper places as this is ONE thing that has never happened to my 2000 Silo.

Here’s what happens, (how to fix) and it is right out of the Haynes repair manual:

If the wipers stop at the position they’re in when the switch is turned off (fail to park), disconnect the multi-function switch electrical connector.

This is located on the firewall next to the steering column.
To gain access: remove the drivers’ knee bolster and lower steering column cover and follow the turn signal and multi-function switch wiring harness down the steering column to locate the connectors.

The wiper/washer switch connector looks to be the 6th connector down from the left side top of the box.

If the wipers now park, replace the multi-function switch.

If the wipers still don’t park, check the wiring from the wiper motor to the switch for a short circuit.

If the circuits are good, replace the wiper motor.

To see exactly where the multi-function electrical connector is, check out a Haynes manual for your van in almost any automotive supply store.

The book # is: 38036. Page 12-14.

Note: I make it a once a year practice to disconnect electrical plugs/sockets and spray them both with electrical contact cleaner. It prevents a lot of headaches.

Post back and lets us know how you made out.

My iniation to GM wipers that would not “park” was with a 1999 Venture. I “fixed” it mainly by adjustments in the linkages,job made me want to pull my hair out

I ruined many wiper “arms” (due to collisions) before I had things timed right

Yep, they are a PITA alright.

One other thing most DIY’s forget (or are unaware of) is the gap that has to be maintained when replacing the wiper motor.

When installing the crank arm on the wiper motor shaft, you have to maintain a 5/32 to 5/16-inch (4 to 8 mm) gap between the V-notch in the crank arm and the tab.

Do NOT rotate the wiper shaft.