Windshield wiper and Head Light swithc

On my ford 2000 crown victoria, windshield wiper works, but when I turn the switch off, the blade stays in the middle of the wind sheild, don’t go all the way down. Is it the switch or the motor?

The same car. I have a problem with my head light. After driving for about 30 miles or so the head light and dash board light blinks on and off for 4 to 6 times and the light shuts off. I have to turn the head light switch on and off a few times and the light comes on. Where should I start? is it head ligh swich or a short?

Thank You


This problem might be caused from one component. And that could be the multi-function switch as both these circuits pass thru this switch.

There are other components that could cause this, but these are isolated to each circuit. so from the problems you describe, and because the multi-function switch is related to both ciruits, that would be the first suspect component to test.


The wiper issue is a common problem and is not related to the multi-function switch. Do the wipers always park at the same wrong location? If so…
Take the plastic cover off (under the hood, at the windshield) that blocks access to the wiper assembly. On top of the wiper motor transmission is an arm with a half-dollar size plastic insert on top. Pry this off. Inside is a cam with a spring loaded plunger that sticks out. This plunger is stuck. Use a screw driver to free it and force it in. Spray some good lube on it and push it in and out several times. Now turn the wipers on for a few wipes and then back off. They will park correctly this time.

I am not nearly as certain about the lights, but they won’t be the multi-function switch either. (Why? Because the dash lights don’t run through it.) It it probably the LCM, but it could also be a defective circuit breaker, or a loose connection to the breaker. LCM = Lighting Control Module.

I would go with Tester’s recommendations first and if that does not do it for the wipers, then it is likely inside the motor and I believe that means a new motor. The device that controls the parking of the wipers in inside the wiper motor.

Tardis has good advice. It could be the headlamp switch itself, though. That just tells the LCM that you want the lights on and then the LCM turns them on. When the headlights and dash lights are off will the dash lights come on with the switch in the parking lights position?

I suppose that the problem with the lights could be with the day/night sensor too. Hope that it is not the LCM. They cost over $400, IIRC, so it is worthwhile checking the conncections between the headlight switch and the LCM. For starters check this:

In my diagram for a ?99, there is an input to the headlamp switch that is supposed to be hot at all times, pin #7 with OG/WH wire. This is connected to the LCM via pin #3 with the WH/BK wire in he park position and pin #8 with the RD/YE wire in the headlight position. To orient you, the connector pins are numbered 1-5 in the top row and 6-12 in the bottom row. Pins 5,10,11, and 12 are not used.

The first thing to check is circuit breaker 12 (18A) in the battery junction box since this is what provides power to pin #7.

I have experienced the wiper park problem on three of my four Grand Marquis (1991 - 2000). Trust me, check the plunger in the cam. There is no need to replace the wiper motor assembly. It’s not the parking switches. This is specific advise, not generic.