When I get gas the dash says "low oil pressure stop engine"

03 gmc envoy. Whether I put $20 in my tank or fill it up, 80% of the time when I turn the car on after putting gas in it the dash says “low oil pressure stop engine” for about 30 seconds. That’s the only time it ever says it and the pressure gage goes up to 40, where it’s always at. I check the oil regularly, there’s a slow leak between the motor and tranny but I keep it full, it’s never low. Can this cause major damage to the engine? I put every dime of my money into this car and love it but I need to sell if it’s a sign of something bad about to happen.

If your pressure gauge is showing OK and the level is OK, I would suspect the sending unit for the dash light.

Your oil filter might be letting the oil drain out of it. When you restart it takes a couple of seconds to refill the filter causing the low oil pressure warning. No big deal, it will resolve when you do the next oil change with a new filter.

This could also make your oil level reading a bit high by a half to 3/4 quart. Just an FYI as you are monitoring your oil level.

@Uncleturbo it’s been happening since Ive owned it, 4 months, 2 oil changes.

Putting every dime into a car is dangerous. Sorry. A car this old, you have to budget at least $1000 per year for repairs. Sorry, a fact of life.

This is a bit off-topic, but…

In a recent issue of Road & Track, they reported on their long-term test of a Porsche Cayman.
They noted that it had no dipstick for the crankcase, and that they got a “Low Oil Level. Stop Engine. Do NOT continue to drive” message on the instrument panel every couple of thousand miles. And, in response to those warnings, they added oil each time.

When the car was finally ready for its bizarrely-extended oil change interval, the dealership reported that the oil level was 2 qts over the full level. So much for the lack of dipsticks and the reliance on oil level sensors…

VDC: that is very strange… hopefully not a glimpse into the future…

There’s two systems that monitor the oil pressure on your engine.

There’s an oil pressure sensor that sends it’s signal to the oil pressure gauge, and an oil pressure switch that turns on the warning light.

Replace the oil pressure switch.


But why would this only happen as the OP reports, when filling up the gas tank?

Ok, here’s an alternative guess. When you fill up the gas tank, even if the engine is turned completely off, the evap system may still be using electrical power operating valves and such to accommodate the fueling. And that might be running the battery down enough during refueling duration that it confuses the computer when the engine is first started. Suggest to have a shop check the battery and charging system function. And make sure the battery connections are clean and tight.

"When I get gas the dash says “low oil pressure stop engine”

It amazes me how smart that cars have become. This is the first time I’ve heard of a car that senses the status of your digestive system. Although I think the warning would be more helpful if it said, “Open the windows.”


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What’s different about starting the engine after getting gas vs starting it to leave work/home? Hmmm…
It could be starting it with the engine warmed up vs a cold start.
Here’s an experiment:
Next time you drive somewhere (far enough to fully warm up the engine) and shut the engine off at your destination, wait 5 minutes (about the time to get gas) then start the engine back up.
See if you get the message.

"the pressure gauge goes up to 40, where it’s always at"
The pressure gauge on the dash could be a “dummy” gauge that reads the same even when the pressure varies over a wide range.

You could have low oil pressure at hot idle due to worn bearings.
Checking oil pressure with a “real” gauge will tell the story

Good idea above by @circuitsmith , ask your shop to measure the oil pressure using their shop gauge.

Agreed with circuitsmith. Make sure there’s not a serious engine issue lurking around for peace of mind; especially seeing as how you’ve only had the car for 4 months.

People have been known to have engine problems with their cars and change the motor oil to a heavy weight oil or by thickening it up with STP oil treatment or Motor Honey before selling it or trading it in.
When the car gets it’s first oil change after that and “normal” oil is added the problems show up.

I also agree with circuitsmith. You really need to find out what the pressure when hot actually is.
Post the results.

I am not sure about the getting gas connection, but as I have found out the oil pressure guage in my trailblazer is an estimated value, and the light is related to actual readings. In some models this may be an indicator warning because you are overdue for an oil change. It is possible you are overdue for an oil change, or the reminder was not reset at your last change.

Putting all your money in a 14 year old car is a sign that something bad has already happened.

Bill, you don’t need to post it in 2 places to get a response. In fact, it confuses the issue.

You did the right thing by making it a new post. Especially since your vehicle is a new RV, not a 13 year old SUV with lots of miles on it.

Thanks, I deleted this post and will track the responses to the new post…

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