Low Oil Pressure alert after filling up

I have a new motor home built on a Chevy Express 4500 Chassis. After driving through some hills towing a Jeep Wrangler, I stopped for gas and when turning the engine back on, I received the Low Oil Pressure - Stop Engine warning indication. The oil pressure gauge in the cab did indeed indicate 0 PSI oil pressure.

I pulled out of the gas station to park it in a better place and noticed the oil pressure fluctuating from very low to 40 PSI. I checked the oil level which was good (only 1000 miles since last oil change). I drove the motor home a few miles but the oil pressure tanked when I was at idle.

When the engine cooled off, I started it up and everything was good. Oil PSI between 30-40.

The RV was towed to a Chevy dealer as it is under warranty (only has 5000 miles on it). They could not replicate the problem. They suggested that it may have been caused by bad gasoline but didn’t explain how one could cause the other. After 2 weeks at the dealership, I drove it 225 miles home. Oil pressure indication was good all the way. I shut off the engine for a minute and restarted it. Oil pressure was at 10 PSI for a bit but rose when I revved the engine. Oil pressure indication is normal now that the engine cooled off a bit.

I would welcome your thoughts on this…

Your RV upfitter likely damaged the wiring for the oil pressure sender. Good luck getting that fixed since the upfitter will blame it on Chevy and Chevy will blame the RV upfitter.


Bad gas? Yeah, no.


Most likely the oil pressure sensor

We replace these all the time on our fleet’s GM vehicles

I didn’t think so either… thanks.

Thanks, db4690, that’s probably the best place to start.

The good news is the sensor is not labor-intensive to replace, and the part doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

here’s what you could do

Have a/the shop remove the old sensor

But before they install the new sensor, hook up an engine oil pressure gauge and take a few readings, say, at idle and 2000rpm

If the pressure is fine, remove the gauge and install that new sensor